Representative winery selected from different region.在不同产区精选的最伟大的代表作酒庄。

La Valentina 华伦蒂娜


瓦伦蒂纳(Fattoria La Valentina)酒庄坐落在佩斯卡拉(Pescara)附近小丘上的斯波尔托雷(Spoltore)镇。这是一个以葡萄种植为主的小型企业,今日共有18公顷葡萄园,包括自用和外租的土地,年产量大约30万瓶。酒庄最重要的葡萄园被冠以当地的名字圣特雷莎(Santa Teresa),它坐落在亚得里亚海(Adriatico)不远处的玛伊拉(Maiella)与大石(Gran Sasso)之间,种有蒙特布查诺(Montepulciano)及特雷比亚诺(Trebbiano)。





Fattoria La Valentina is located in the township of Spoltore in the hills near the city of Pesaro. It is a small but constantly growing estate which now works 75 acres of vines between proprietary and leased vineyards with an annual production of 300,000 bottles. The principal vineyard of the house, named for the Santa Teresa area where the cellars are situated, is just a few miles away from the Adriatic Sea and faces the Maiella and Gran Sasso massifs; here both Montepulciano and Trebbiano are cultivated. The special climate created by the combined influence of the sea and the mountains brings out all the qualities of these grapes, a factor which strongly influences the style of the wines of the house. The vineyard is the source of the estate’s highest quality wines, both 100% Montepulciano, majestic in structure and with an excellent balance between alcoholic warmth, tannins, and freshness. The two crus are Spelt, a deep ruby red in color with aromas of rich and concentrated ripe fruit and notes of cherries and spice, full, warm, generous, and round on the palate, sweet and powerful and with much freshness of fruit. Long and pleasurable on the finish, tasty and with fine length, balanced in its acidity. Bellovedere is the second cru, intense red in color and very dense to the eye, lightly jammy in aroma with notes of plums and red berries and sweetly spicy. Rich and ample in flavor, full-bodied and substantial, it is an excellent match with grilled meat. Binomio is another vineyard whose grapes are used for a house cru, ten acres of Montepulciano grapes in the San Valentino area of Abruzzo Citeriore, purchased to create typical wines, markedly territorial and immediately identifiable as wines of the Abruzzo. Binomio is a new interpretation of Montepulciano, ruby red in color with purple highlights. Very intense on the nose with notes of blackberries, wild berry fruit, and spices. Powerful on the palate, dense and with important tannins, but very balanced. The finish is smooth, without the slightest roughness and with much aromatic persistence. The wine is excellent with red meat and aged cheese.